Ned Sparrow, Ph.D.

Ned Sparrow is a collector of modernist literature and a book dealer whose 10,000 books are available online and in select locations.  

As well as teaching, Sparrow has worked as a general contractor, a squash coach, and a singer songwriter. He has lived and taught all over Baltimore and Baltimore County. He has degrees in story and literature from Princeton, Hopkins (M.A.) and Princeton (Ph.D). Despite the pedigree, Ned is salt of the earth.


He chose Real Broker, LLC, for its tech savvy and practical expertise when he went from refurbishing homes to selling them. Real books. Real Homes. Real value. Professor Sparrow doesn’t just know books. The same integrity and judgment Sparrow uses to discern good structure and describe honestly and fully the merits and defects of stories and bindings applies to houses and neighborhoods. It helps to have a REALTOR® on your side who knows not only how to restore and refurbish older houses, but who knows how to identify market winners.


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